Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Socks and Shawls STR spoiler alert

Clue 5 of Spring Shawl Surprice I actually finished on Sunday. Yeah, ahead of schedule. This is an interesting and challenging knit. I hope I can continue to keep up.
Socks that Rock January club sock. I love the colors and the pattern. My sock started off striping and then went to pooling after I added the 2 extra stitches for the pattern. I let it sit for three days before deciding that I could live with the pooling. I normally like pooling but this is not my favorite pooling I've ever had. I am knitting the medium on size 2.25mm needles.


  1. Hey, that looks exactly like the color I'm using.
    It was funny to see "my" scarf spread out on another blog.

  2. It's not really pooling.... just keep knitting, you'll have a slow spiral! Love it!

  3. Your SSS is gorgeous!!!!! great knitting.

  4. I have a feeling that is a 'planned' pooling and is supposed to be there :-)

  5. Love that sock - the colr is great. Shawl beautiful!