Thursday, December 20, 2007

Exhibit C: Fun Fur Kitschmas Tree as seen on Knitty Gritty #DKNG #813
Yarn Bee Haute Fur color Cypress and Lion Brand Jiffy
Size 10 dpns
Various little doodads
This only took an evening to knit/ I love fast projects.
Exhibit D: Not knitting My family thinks I am nuts because I like my packages to match. This year is a step out because there are 3 different papers (all in silver). I have a different theme with my packages every year. I have a bow machine and spend a lot of quality time making bows. I love the way they look when all done.


  1. Cute! I meant to knit one of those up this year myself, but time got away from me. Happy holidays!

    Knit on,

  2. OH a comment from Vickie Howell! My husband loves her (he has a thing for redheads!) I love that tree, I may have to make myself a Christmas tree like that. I love that you have your presents all match. I've gotten lazy and get four different wrapping papers; one for each child- so that way I don't even have to put tags on them, much less bows =) Easy for each child to dig their presents out on CHristmas morning.