Sunday, September 30, 2007

Last Homecoming Mum

My DS is a senior this year, so this is the last homecoming mum I will have to make. These are serious time consumers, but he has always wanted me to make them. I guess mine must be pretty unique because he had girls asking to homecoming for the mum. LOL I hope his girl friend likes it.


  1. ok, i've never heard of this tradition. i went to high school in el paso- 9th, and then colorado for 10th-12th [2 diff schools]
    so you showed pic, now tell us more? do you have pics of others?

    blessings, :L, laura [kts4 pal]

  2. You know, I don't think I have pictures of the others except the photos taken at the school. I'll have to look and see what I can find. They go to the football game on Friday night, then go out to dinner and Homecoming dance on Saturday night. I think it is just a ploy to get new clothes.