Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Few More Finished Items

A pair of generic 3*1 rib socks for me.
Blue Moon STR lightweight
color Spring Fling
64 stitches flap heel
I love these socks. They really fit well.
I don't use a particular pattern. I used a basic sock pattern with 64 stitches and did a K3P1 rib instead of stockinette.
Three hats for Texas Children's hospital. I love making these little hats. They are my need to finish something item lately. The two striped hats are made with Knitcol yarn from Adriafil. The pink hat is a Knit Picks cotton blend.
I am still working on Casablanca but I am hopelessly behind. I am on clue 4 and the current clue is clue 6. Oh well, I love it and I will just finish in my own time frame. I hope you all are having a great week.


  1. Those socks are gorgeous, and I LOVE the multicolored hat in the middle. What yarn is that?

  2. Megan the yarn is a sock yarn called Knitcol by Adriafil. I can usually get two hats from one skein.

  3. Is your sock pattern commercially available? It looks like just like what I have in mind. And congratulations on FINISHING! Yeah!!!