Friday, April 4, 2008

The Ronnie-Frieda Swap

Ronnie was my downstream partner from Monkey swap 3. She and I have become good friends. Too bad we live in different countries, but maybe some day I will get to visit her. We had been talking back and forth about swaps and how sometimes you just really get the short end of the stick and she and I decided to do our own swap between the two of us. Ronnie said she got to go first, so away she went. Take a close look at all the great things she sent. She knit BFF socks for me in cashmere and knit the beautiful shawl from cashmere. They are both great. She sent some cashmere/silk lace yarn and some fun cashmere/merino sock yarn. She sent a set of needles that were the kind she learned to knit on when she was quite young. I don't know how she knew I liked collecting all kinds of needles(new and old) If you look at the pictures you can see all the other great things she sent including the Christmas bag she made for me. I love it. Thank you Ronnie and I am collecting, knitting and sewing for your package. Best friends are great!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Isn't it GREAT when you meet best friends through swaps ? All the cruddy swaps were worth it , because I have struck gold with you . I hope that you are feeling much better now ,oh , and could you add a little bottle of sunshine in your package ? 2C(44 deg f) here at the moment .........